UBG seminar: Will Deutschman, PhD on water quality and the brewing process

Sep 24, 2019 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Join us on Sept. 24 at 4pm at Wasatch Brewpub for an informative presentation by Will Deutschman, PhD of Westminster with Q&A to follow. This event is free for UBG members.

Brewing water and its chemical makeup are essential factors in the quality of finished beer. The ion content, pH, and buffering capacity of brewing water can have effects early in the process such as with the mash efficiency and sugar profile of the wort. Later in the process, potential effects include the flavor, clarity, and package stability of the beer. We will discuss briefly which ions are important to various parts of the brewing process, how to gauge what effects they may have on the brewing process or properties of the finished beer, and how to compensate for those effects, should that be necessary.

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Join us at Wasatch Brewery on Sept. 24 from 4-6 for an insightful event with a lecture from Will Deutschman, PhD.