A Global Perspective on the History of Alcoholic Fermentation

Jun 02, 2020 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Join us on June 2 from 4pm-6pm on fermantation and it's context in world history. Discover how ancient cultures harnessed and worshipped the power of fermentation, on through the important role of fermentation and beer in shaping the modern world and America. This event is free for UBG members and for non-UBG affiliated folk the cost is $10 at the door. 

Biography: George has been passionate about beer and fermentation science since he could legally drink. With a biology degree from CU Boulder and while working with the developmentally disabled and in veterinary medicine, George was spending ridiculous amounts of money and time homebrewing, reading brewing texts, and begging pro brewers for any information possible for several years. He opened a homebrew shop, Lafayette Homebrew Supply in Lafayette, CO in 2013. Though the doors closed in 2017, the business maintained 5 stars on multiple online platforms and was known for its top-notch expertise and customer service. During that time, he worked with many pro breweries on collaboration beers, special classes and events, and philanthropic projects. After a brief time in beer sales, he then started at White Labs, managing the small taproom in Boulder which transitioned into a sales role and current position as Technical Account Manager at White Labs."

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