October 17, 2019

When Safety Comes First, Everybody Wins

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Are hoses in your brewery put away after every shift? How many workplace accidents has your brewery reported in the past year? Do your employees that use hazardous chemicals in the workplace receive training on their proper use and storage? These are all safety items that every brewer should be explore and implement in their own breweries. As a guild, our priority is safety and we're exploring these topics to encourage best practices by forming a safety subcommitee.

This is safety subcommitte is focused primarily on spreading awareness about standardizing and maximizing opportunities for safety in every Utah brewery. We're working to reduce accidents by learning from each other. The safety subcommittee is drafting a safety quiz for member breweries, and encourages everyone to take it to assess safety standards in their workplace.

When brewers use standard operating procedures and train their employees on safety, everyone wins. 

This committee is meeting regularly. Our next safety subcommittee meeting is on Nov. 5 at 4pm at Shades Brewing. Member breweries are welcome to join us

Check out these safety resources for breweries, also perma-posted here.

OSHA general industry standards

BA Safety main page: How to developing Standard Operating Procedures and safety plan.  

BA Free Online Brewery Safety Training: Check out safety training courses on: Grain Handling, Mashing, Transfer and Boiling, Whirlpool and Cooling, Fermentation Cleaning and Sanitization, Fermentation and Cellaring, Filtering and Carbonation, Filtering and Pumping, Keg Cleaning, Keg Filling, Bottling, Canning, Grain Handling and Grain Silos and Powered Industrial Trucks. 

BA Best Management Practices: Check out downloadable BMPs for: Protective Clothing, Hazard Assessment Principles, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Powered Industrial Trucks.

What other safety resources do you use for your brewery? Email us a link and we'll add them to our list.