February 04, 2019

Utah craft beer production by the numbers

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Craft beer is booming in Utah, and the Utah Brewers Guild is excited to report big numbers for 2017 with our friends at the Brewers Association. If you're curious about the disparity between production and economic impact, Bart Watson, the chief economist at the BA has this to say, "Production is about 1/3 of the value chain in beer, so the reasons that production and economic impact won’t align are mostly in that other 2/3 or in other ripples. Utah loses out on the consumption side (lower craft consumption relative to production levels) and doesn’t get as many secondary ripples as some other states (things like growing hops, barley, making cans, etc.). Taxation and distribution factors matter a little bit, but total consumption of craft is one of the biggest drivers of that final impact."

Strong work craft brewers of Utah! Keep it up.