August 28, 2018

** Sold out ** UBG seminar: Meagen J. Anderson, Mill95 Hops

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Join us on Nov. 7 at 6:00pm for a hop sensory course with Meagen J. Anderson of Mill95 Hops. The objective of this brief interactive seminar is to establish the fundamentals of recognition for 15-20 hop and beer derived flavor compounds, and to establish a shared language for those flavors.  We will also review some best practices for starting a sensory panel within a brewery with little resources.  This course will be conducted and led by Meagen Anderson, Sales Manager from Mill 95 in Parma, Idaho.  She is a Certified Cicerone®, a Certified BJCP Judge, and has over 40 hours of sensory training with Cara Technology, the makers of Aroxa flavor compounds. 

We'll meet at Red Rock at Fashion place!