January 02, 2019

UBG Seminar: John Paul Maye, Technical Director, Hopsteiner

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Join us on Wed. Feb. 6, 5:30pm at Squatters Pub downtown SLC for a presentation on "Hidden Secrets of the New England IPA."  To RSVP for this event, UBG members can click here for registration.

Hops expert John Paul Maye graduated with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry before he began working for Pfizer in its Brewery and Dairy Ingredients Division in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A dedicated homebrewer, he's been studying hops ever since and he's now the Technical Director at Hopsteiner. 

I asked John Paul what's behind the huge surge in the popularity of IPAs. "People like the flavors that are highly hopped — especially with all the varieties and combinations, you get a lot of synergistic effects. You can make some pretty unique flavors," he said.

What do most craft brewers not know about hop varieties? "The U.S. grows about 35-40% of the world's hops in the Northwest. Germany grows about 35% of the world's hops." To make your classic style of IPA, John Paul says the American aroma varieties are generally preferred.

"A lot of the U.S. aroma varieties are very citrusy... like lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. The German varieties aren't anything like that. German varieties generally don't do very well. German hop groups are working on developing citrusy hop varieties so they can match the U.S. ones."

In particular, the New England IPA, also known as the Hazy IPA or Juicy IPA, is seeing its popularity soar in the U.S. with nearly every craft brewer making one. What makes these beers desirable is their massive hop flavor and low bitterness. This means both hop heads and people who don’t like bitter IPAs enjoy them. Many of these beers also taste fruity or juicy, and they’re incredibly hazy. Dozens of tests were conducted on New England IPAs to better understand the bitterness, unique aroma, what the haze is and isn’t, and what secrets it is hiding. John Paul can fill us in on the findings! 

A little more about John Paul Maye: Dr. John Paul Maye is Technical Director at Hopsteiner with over 25 years of experience in the hop industry. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Purdue University in 1994, and started work as a hop chemist in 1993. He has developed many new products and applications for hops both inside and outside the brewing industry and has many publications and patents. Over the last few years, John Paul's research has focused on dry hopping and most recently on New England IPAs.

Join us on February 6 for a fascinating deep dive into the New England IPA!