December 12, 2019

Taste, Balance, Finish: the Grid City Beer Works trifecta

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“So {Grid City Beer Works} is at 333 West. And the irony is all the things that become three with this project. There’s three owners. Our beers will be served three different ways. The kismet of it all is amazing,” said Grid City Beer Works CEO Drew Reynolds.  

I walked into Grid City Beer yesterday and happened upon the install of their big brewing tanks. The entire space is industrial, with poured concrete floors and wide wood ceiling beams. The building has had former lives as a bank and a tile warehouse. The feeling inside Grid City Beer is expansive with a big skylight and rooftop bar and patio showcasing extensive mountain views. Walk in the front door and see the brewhouse in full view. There are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with beer the Grid City way.

Head brewer Jeremy Gross has been brewing for 20 years with former stints at Uinta, Bohemian and High West Distillery.CEO Drew Reynolds said, “One of the special things we’re doing is a lot of beers on nitro. We’re also going to have traditional cask beer as well. You’ll be able to taste our beer on CO2, nitro and cask. What we’re trying to do is show all forms of brewing and beers in different ways. 

It will be a bar license, 21+ and include some food offerings. “We’re trying to keep food simple. Drew’s a vegan so there will be a vegan and vegetarian influence. Savory pub fare, tacos, burgers, wings. We want to hit the lunch crowd,” president Justin Belliveau said.“I’ve been doing the research for years. I’ve probably brewed our four main beers 40 or 50  times,” said brewer Jeremy. “I’ve probably spent the most money at the homebrew shop, the Beer Nut. Gotta rack up those points,” he joked.

“We’re coming on board at such an exciting time. We’re at warp speed now. We started the business plan on this four years ago when there were a lot of new breweries hitting the market. It’s amazing to see how successful they’ve been and how unique they are. The customer base has a refined palate. Our local breweries are getting their own niche. That speaks to the depth of the market. It’s just amazing,” said Justin. 

Drew’s passion for craft beer and how it facilitates community is evident. “One of the things that’s really important to us is how beer is a personal experience for everyone. Being in the beer community is really special. I’ve always wanted to open a brewery. When I met Jeremy I couldn’t believe the chops he had on a 20-gallon system. Here our core belief is: taste, balance and finish. When you try our beer, you will taste that and it will be balanced.”

Grid City Beer Works has a tentative opening date of mid-Febraury 2020.