May 22, 2019

Getting to know you: Level Crossing Brewing

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Last week, Katie Flanagan, Mark Medura and Chris Detrick sat down with me to talk all things Level Crossing, their new brewery in South Salt Lake. 

When I asked about the unusual name, Mark said, "It took many, many hours to find a name that worked for us. It had to be authentic and genuine, something personal to us. Katie found the name. It's an old railroad term. Where a dirt road meets the tracks is a 'level crossing.' For us it was a little deeper, a crossroads and a meeting place. Also, you can say it and you can spell it! Key qualities when you're trying to brand something. We all liked it, and so we said 'we're ready!'"

The build-out of the space started last June, and Level Crossing opened on March 30 of this year. Chris was a homebrewer for 16 years. He started in college so he and his friends could make beer they couldn't buy in stores. "The first couple batches were terrible. After I got a little more serious about it, I joined homebrew clubs and talked with the Beer Nut homebrew store. They were a great resource."

Katie describes South Salt Lake's West Temple area as an up-and-coming  brewery destination. "I just saw someone from Salt Fire. They're open on Mondays, and we're closed on Mondays. People will trickle into their place, and then after go to Shades, and then come to our place. I have to give props to South Salt Lake. They made it quite easy with permitting."

South Salt Lake has a lot going on these days, including a cool mural festival that has taken hold in the community. Katie said, "We were lucky to be part of the mural fest this year. Our mural was done by Arcy. He accomplished it in 48 hours. He was here and then gone!" The mural is on the south side of their building. 

Mark said the craft beer movement in Utah is "blossoming" and that he's proud to be a part of it. "We're here, there's a lively brewing community in our whole state." 

When asked about his favorite Level Crossing beer, Chris answered, "Right now, we just released our first high-point beer in cans. One is a rye IPA and the other is a double IPA. Today those are my favorite beers. I've been waiting a while to get it available." 

Chris finished by saying, "I wouldn't be where I am now without help from all the professional craft brewers and homebrewers in this town. They help each other out and are very open with knowledge and tips and tricks. It's a great community."

Level Crossing is participating with Wasatch in the UBG Fest on June 29. Chris said of their collaboration brew, "We're working on an experimental pale ale. We have some tricks up our sleeves. I'm looking forward to that event a lot."