November 05, 2018

Getting to know you: Javier Chavez, Jr., Cerveza Zólupez Beer Co.

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Welcome to the Utah Brewers Guild's newest member! Javier Chavez, Jr. is bringing new flavors and a nano approach to brewing in Ogden. Cerveza Zólupez Beer Co., which has both a packaging agency and a manufacturer's license, had its grand opening last Saturday. Cerveza Zólupez Beer Co. sits adjacent to a Mexican restaurant in the family called Javier's but has separate ownership. You can order beer at the restaurant or buy from the Zólupez stockroom. 

Javier is a long-time supporter of craft beer. He has been home brewing for 8 years and has taken classes at local brew shops to gain more knowledge of the industry. When he moved to California, he took craft beer classes at UCLA's Extension Program along with other classes at California breweries in an effort to master his craft. He mills his grains on-site and carefully measures his grains and flavorings. “For example, we do some typical grains, but the magic of our stuff is we add Mexican ingredients like Mexican cane sugar," Javier said. "We have Mexican cinnamon. We have agave nectar, etc. That’s what makes us a little different."

Right now Zólupez is offering craft ales — an amber ale an IPA are the first ones to hit the shelves. “You can do a lot more complex things with ales," Javier said. "Lagers are a little more crisp. The simplicity of the lager doesn’t always pair well with what we add in flavor-wise.”

Check out Zólupez on instagram @zolupez and find them at 205 W. 29th St., Unit #2Ogden, UT 84401.