October 02, 2018

Getting to know you: Jacquie King, Roosters Brewery

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Jacquie King is head brewer at Roosters Ogden and has recently taken the helm as the board president of the Utah Brewers Guild. She and I sat down last week to chat about her favorite beers, Roosters' new location, and her new role at the UBG.

From beers like the toasty O-Town Nut Brown to the crisp and refreshing Blood Orange Session IPA, Jacquie plans production and brews all kinds of different styles throughout the year. According to Jacquie, Roosters' most popular beer is the Bees Knees Honey Wheat. "We just had the Harvest Moon festival in Ogden," Jacquie said. "We had six or seven half barrels of that go out to the festival, and we just blew through it. It's definitely the favorite."

Jacquie refines common styles with updated approaches and ideas. She said their Blood Orange Session IPA has been a huge hit this summer. "It's so good we're gonna can that one," she said.  "It's a new recipe. The late stage hops, the Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops make it good. You can't go wrong with an IPA if you use those."

Another fun seasonal beer at Roosters is the Blackberry Cream Ale. Jacquie explains, "The blackberry is a regional thing up here. The cream comes from the malt. We used rice in there so it has a creamy mouthfeel so a lot of people think it's not a vegan beer. But it for sure doesn't have lactose!"Jacquie is partial to one of these. "My favorite beer is the Blood Orange IPA. I'm not a sweets person, I don't eat sweets, I don't want a sweet breakfast — I want savory stuff. IPAs will always be my favorite. And I love sours and goses."

Roosters is opening up a new production facility and taproom in West Ogden in the next couple months. I asked Jacquie what she has dreamed up for her expanded production capabilities. "I'd love to do some sours," she told me. "My secret wish is to turn the 25th Street location into a sour facility. I would love to have spontaneous fermentation — it would be different to have a place like that here. I don't know if we could get away with having an all-sour facility in Ogden. But it could be amazing! People could come to Ogden to have sour beer. That's a dream."

As far as the new Roosters location goes, she said "I'll bounce back and forth between the two spots and do quality stuff over at the new location. They even built me a lab. I would like to get a pilot system over there to play around with. We'll have a taproom over there so we can do one-off batches and get feedback. We want to do beer, high-point beer, wine, and cider."

Lastly, I asked the new UBG president about her plans for the organization. "I'm super excited to get awareness about the Guild out there," she said. "The past six months has been awesome, getting the word out there so people know who we are and what we stand for. Hopefully, we'll get some legislative changes. I'd also like to see us have more beer events in Utah. We don't have a lot and the ones that are put on are not put on by breweries."

Jacquie hopes to continue to grow the brewing community and to be a resource for breweries just starting out. About this summer, she said, "It was cool to see at a couple of the fests this year that there were breweries getting ready to open that were spreading their name. I think that info-sharing is key."

Brewers like Jacquie are changing the landscape in Utah with innovation and awareness. We can't wait to see what her term as president of the UBG brings! Stay tuned.