About the Guild

The Utah Brewers Guild is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade organization founded to provide a unified voice for Utah craft breweries and to help promote and educate its members and the local community regarding the craft beer industry in Utah. 

The mission of the Utah Brewers Guild is to promote the interests of Utah's craft brewers.

  • The Utah Brewers Guild (UBG) is a 501(c)6 organization comprised of Utah's craft brewers.
  • UBG members stand for the responsible enjoyment of quality, locally produced craft beer.
  • As a non-profit trade organization, we remain committed to supporting the growth of our industry through advocacy, events, and member resources. 

Utah Brewers Guild Board of Directors

The Utah Brewers Guild is goverened by a board of directors who serve two-year terms that alternate every year.

Jacquie King (President) Roosters Brewery

Jeremy Ragonese (Vice-President) Uinta Brewing

Colby Fisher (Communications Officer) Fisher Brewing

Bob Jensen (At-large) Red Rock Brewing

Peter Erickson (At-large) Epic Brewing

Economic Impact of Craft Brewing in Utah

  • UBG Members employ approximately 4,000 Utahns in full-time and part-time positions, with employment opportunities for a breadth of educational levels and backgrounds. These employees make a median salary of $44,000/year. (source: Brewers Assocation)
  • The craft beer industry contributes $400 million to the Utah economy each year.
  • The UBG is closely tied to the tourism industry, with thousands of tourists experiencing the high quality of Utah craft beer each year.
  • UBG members are connected to the Utah manufacturing, retail, restaurant, and hotel industries.
  • UBG's craft brewers are conscientious of the environmental impact of the industry and strive toward high levels of efficiency in brewing and in business operations.